20 for '20 White Paper - 2020 Edition

20 Conversations with Senior Multifamily Executives

Things are moving FAST in multifamily!

A year ago, we reported that the multifamily industry was at a "technology tipping point," with the arrival of new solutions unseen since the turn of the millennium.  

This year we interviewed another 20 multifamily executives - 10 COOs and 10 heads of technology.  We were amazed at how quickly things have moved since just one year ago in multifamily.

Download 20 for '20 if you'd like to learn about what some of the most prominent people in the industry shared about:

  • The 2020 outlook for multifamily
  • The projects that were top of mind in 2019 and will be in 2020
  • Which new technologies look set to dominate 2020 and beyond

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