Don’t get left behind.

20for20Cover-1The multifamily industry is constantly evolving. Even the most dedicated exec can find it hard to keep up with the latest developments. 

That’s why we went straight to the source to find out where the industry is headed. At NMHC OPTECH, we began a series of 20 interviews with senior multifamily execs in the domains of operations and technology. 

What we discovered surprised us so much that we wrote an e-book about our findings.

Download 20 for ’20 if you’d like to learn about what some of the most prominent people in the industry shared about:

  • Key moves in 2018 and the expectations for 2020
  • People, including ways to attract and retain talent
  • Technology successes and priorities

Interested? To find out more, download 20 for '20 now!


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