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20 conversations with senior executives. The multifamily industry's leading review on the outlook for technology and operations.

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Our 2021 edition is out, and it's the most comprehensive and revealing to date! Learn what we heard in our most recent series of 20 interviews with senior multifamily executives about the experience of 2020, dominated by the pandemic.

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on multifamily operations. The experience and its implications for both operations and technology are at the heart of the 2021 paper. 

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Each year, we invite sponsors to share their ideas with the executive audience of 20 for '20. In previous editions, we asked leading multifamily innovators like SmartRent, AppFolio, Domuso and Anyone Home to write about what's top of mind in the industry. Each year they have obliged with thought-provoking content.

We are pleased to offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities for our 2022 Edition, which is due out in February. To learn more about how your organization's ideas and innovations can reach this unique audience of industry decision-makers, please download our sponsor pack.

The Multifamily Collective:
20 for '20 Chat

We recently caught up with D2 friend and client Mike Brewer (COO of RADCO Residential) to pick over some of the highlights of our 2021 edition. Mike's podcast "The Multifamily Collective" (formerly known as "ApartmentHacker," has been a mainstay of multifamily thought leadership for years.

Mike also has a history with 20 for '20, having participated as one of our interviewees for previous editions of the paper. He is always insightful when it comes to multifamily innovation and technology, and Dom enjoyed the conversation - check it out! 


20 for '20 on Multifamily Matters

We are delighted to have recorded an interview about our 2021 edition on Multifamily Matters—the multifamily industry's only dedicated radio show. As usual, our conversation with the host, Paul Marks covered some of the main points emerging from this year's research.

Unsurprisingly, this year's broadcast majored on the impact of COVID: a common theme on Multifamily Matters at the moment. It was great to chew over this year’s findings with Paul, and we hope that you enjoy the conversation as much as we did! Click on the player to listen.

2020 Edition

At the end of 2019 we took the time to interview another 20 executives to get their perspectives on the multifamily industry outlook. Our interviewees included senior leaders in operations and technology, representing a variety of multifamily owners and operators. 

The findings that we have summarized in the 20 for '20 white paper provide valuable insight into the issues that are currently "top of mind" in multifamily. The instructive and often surprising findings will help you to separate the reality of the industry from the industry hype.

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20 for '20 - 2020 Edition on Multifamily Matters

We recently sat down with Paul Marks, host of Multifamily Matters—the industry's only dedicated radio show—to talk through the new edition of 20 for '20. In the show, we covered the top findings and the implications for the industry.

Once again, Paul brings his wealth of property management insight to some of the most salient details of 20 for '20. It was an enjoyable conversation, and great to get his perspective and to break down the research.  Click on the player to listen.


2019 Edition

The original 20 for '20 research was published in February 2019. We wanted to create a new and different perspective, so we interviewed 20 senior leaders in operations and technology, representing a variety of multifamily owners and operators. 

With half of the 2019 interviewees also interviewed in the 2020 edition, this original research provides a point of contrast to the current issue, as well as an indication of how much things have changed in a year in multifamily!

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