20 for '20

20 Conversations with senior multifamily executives

20for20Cover-1At the end of 2018, we started to research the outlook for the multifamily industry for the next few years.  We wanted to create a new and different perspective, so we interviewed 20 senior leaders in operations and technology, representing a variety of multifamily owners and operators. 

The findings that we have summarized in the 20 for '20 white paper provide valuable insight into the issues that are currently "top of mind" in multifamily. The instructive and often surprising findings will help you to separate the reality of the industry from the industry hype.

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Listen to us on Multifamily Matters

When we released 20 for '20 it received a lot of industry attention.  Paul Marks, the host and producer of Multifamily Matters - the industry's only dedicated radio show kindly invited us on his show to talk through the 20 for '20 findings and the implications for the industry.

In an enjoyable hour of conversation, Paul brings his wealth of property management insight to some of the most salient details of 20 for '20.  It was great to get his perspective and to break down the research in a conversation.  Click on the player to listen.


Watch the Executive 20 for '20 Briefing

As we worked through the research results from 20 for '20 we started to brief executives - both those who took part and others with whom we wanted to share the results.  We picked our top five findings for a short presentation.

The briefings stimulated great conversations at this year's NMHC Annual Meeting and in the following weeks, so we turned the presentation into a 10-minute video. Click on the player to get the briefing.

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