D2 Case Study: Allowing Short-Term Rentals in Multifamily

Can you and your residents benefit from allowing short-term rentals in multifamily buildings? While there has been endless debate over the pros and cons, there has been little hard data. 

In this comprehensive case study, we use real-world data to assess the impact. Key highlights include:

  • Participation rates from 19% to 32% of residents
  • Net average income of $835 and $1,075 per month which helped them offset the growing cost of rent in an urban environment
  • Monthly revenue share of $112 and $144 per participating resident which went right to the communities' bottom lines
  • $1.3M of increased value (based on a 6% cap rate) from the incremental leasing and revenue while the lease-up increased its value just over $450K (on its first 50 units)

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