Are You Only Solving Half the Demand Management Problem?

Marketing, pricing and sales performance are critical to getting new leases. But what about the other half? The industry talks about renewals often, emphasizing the need to “close the back door.” But what are you doing about it? 

D2 Demand Solutions can help you by digging deeply into your operation's customer experience (CustX) model and identifying technology, policy, process and associate behavior improvements that enhance CustX and ultimately drive improved renewal performance. 

CustX is more than just “charm school” training on “service". A robust CustX program activates survey results and reputation management. It’s a purposeful approach to understanding what residents value and how to create an environment where an excellent experience is the natural and logical consequence of the entire operating platform.

If you want to rise above your competition and minimize the pressure on your sales platform by reducing turnover, then give us a call. We’ll put our years of practical experience to work for you. 

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