An Integrated Approach to Enhancing Sales Performance for Multifamily Operators

Enhancing sales performance requires more than a "training by event" mentality.  It requires a sustained integrated approach that is built upon the latest research into what drive sales performance, adult learning models to ensure training sticks, sustained learning and excercise to continously develop and refine skills, and effective coaching.  

Implementation Roadmap


Discovery:  The InSite Sales Model is built upon deep research into what drives sustained sales performance in multifamily housing.  While the sales princples are the same across all companies, every organization is different and therefore the actual program is fit to the unique aspects of your organization to meet your desired objectives.  In the first phase we gather data, review processes and gain an understanding of your culture so that we can present the design options that ensure successful outcomes.

Design & Fit:  With a clear understanding of your organization, we collaborate with you to ensure the processes support and align with the sales model implemented through training and coaching. Inevitably as a part of this process we also identify conflicting measurements or processes that must be addressed to allow a clear execution model and to make the role of the leasing associate clear.

The InSite Foundation:  The program is rolled out to your organization to ensure maximum impact in the most efficient manner possible. The roll out consists of four parts:

  • The InSite Selling Process Foundational Training:  This six-hour program takes leasing associates through the entire model with action excercises that puts them in a position to change and improve their results immediately.
  • Train-The-Trainer:  For organizations that have their own training group, we teach the program so that the trainers understand the "why" behind the "how" and the "what."  With the additional support we provide, your trainers are quickly able to deliver the training effectively as if it has been yours for years.
  • Effective Coaching:  Sales training without support and coaching is merely entertainment.  As part of the rollout we provide a training module for your community and regional managers on how to effecively coach the new skills and behaviors that were taught.
  • Follow Up Reinforcement Excercises:  The day's training is supported by defined excercises for participants to reinforce new learnings over the crucial first 12 weeks of implementation.  These excercises make sure that participants put their learning into action, and that managers are coaching effectively.

Review:  90-days after implementation we review progress with you to identify and address any barriers to adoption and to design the most effective path to maintain the progress that has started.

Advance:  With a strong foundation in place, the ability to advance learning, lock in behaviorial changes and to optimize sales performance becomes the focus.  Through our ongoing maintenance we provide insights and research to effective sales performance and provide a series of training and coaching modules so that your leasing associates are constantly learning, reinforcing and developing their skills.

Sales performance is only one piece of leasing success, and through these efforts The InSite Sales Performance Improvement Program makes sure that all actions align with and are supported by your overall Demand Management Ecosystem.  Such a holistic approach is what leads to successful and sustainable implementation.

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