Free Whitepaper: Why Relationship Selling Doesn't Work

Want To Maximize Your Multi-Family Housing Sales Teams' Performance?

Then stop buying into the "relationship sales" model myth that the rest of the multi-family housing industry still confuses to be the key to success.

MFHSales.pngThe simple fact, ignored by most of the multi-family housing industry, is that research over the past few years has conclusively proven that “relationship selling” models are extremely unlikely to lead to high performing sales behaviors.

Are we trying to say it’s not important to build relationships with prospects? Absolutely not, it's incredibly important.... BUT is your sales model building relationships in the right way?

That's where the InSiteSM Sales Model comes into play. Our free InSite Sales Approach Whitepaper will teach you the key principals for maximizing your multi-family housing sales team's performance, along with the enlightening research behind it. InSite Sales integrates all of this knowledge into a simple, intuitive and authentic sales pipeline model. The model has 4 segments:

  • Segment A: Discovery
  • Segment B: Inquiry
  • Segment C: Advocacy
  • Segment D: Implementation

Are you ready for a sales model that allows for the uniqueness of every interaction that provides the support and guidance needed to keep your sales associates focused, yet is open enough to support and incorporate the individuality of each customer’s situation?

Download our free whitepaper and start maximizing your sales teams' perfomance today.

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