Is Your Sales Approach Keeping Up With The Rest of Your Enterprise?

Twenty years ago the world was still steeped in a “buyer-beware” mentality.  The seller had all the information – and therefor all of the leverage.  As Daniel Pink shares in his book To Sell Is Human, the information asymmetry that existed then no longer exists today. If anything, we live in a “seller-beware” world.

And it’s time for multi-family housing organizations to bring their sales processes into the 21st century.  To build a true system, designed to work in a world where the buyer has all of the information they need, in a world where operational excellence and deal-making acumen are no longer enough to ensure sustained success.

D2's InSite Sales approach can help you change your sales process to match today's lessee. Let us help you change the mindset of your leasing associates and truly add value for your prospects.

An investment in sales acumen can have a tremendous impact on your efficiency, productivity, resident experience and most importantly, your bottom line.

Here's what our clients are saying about their experience with the InSite Sales program.

Julie-Doss-Glick-testimonialThe InSite Sales approach from D2 Demand Solutions is a win-win for properties and prospects. Our goal is to have our residents really feel “at home” in our communities and never to feel stuck. The InSite Sales approach allows Glick’s leasing associates to take a personal approach and be more of an advisor or trusted friend to our prospects as they make the very personal decision on where to live.

--Julie Doss, Director of Training, Gene B. Glick Company

Jenny-Richard-Glick-TestimonialThe InSite Sales approach from D2 Demand Solutions has been very well-received by Glick’s leasing associates. This personal approach allows our associates to be themselves and approach each prospect more like a friend than a customer. I absolutely recommend this approach to others in the multifamily industry.

--Jenny Richard, Regional Property Manager, Gene B. Glick & Company

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