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It's Time to Measure how Customer Experience Impacts Revenue

by Dom Beveridge | April 13, 2021

Last week I was curious to hear about some new research conducted by J Turner Research and RealPage, into the impact of online reputation on multifamily performance. It is, in my view, an area that...

2019 Resolutions: Resident Loyalty Lessons from the Hospitality Industry

by Trachelle Spencer | January 02, 2019

Just before a 29-year-old friend of mine was due to stay in a fairly upscale hotel recently, the staff texted her before check-in and suggested that...

5 Customer Experience Mistakes MFH Operators Make

by Donald Davidoff | December 21, 2017

Today, customers want an experience, not just a transaction. In fact, they expect it. They get it in their interactions with many other companies,...

Client Satisfaction: How Customer Experience Plays a Major Role

by Donald Davidoff | June 01, 2017

With all the attention on the recent series of airline service mishaps, we thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit about the difference between...

3 Keys to Retaining Multifamily Residents

by Donald Davidoff | September 30, 2016

Ask any group of multifamily operators what they worry about or what keeps them up at night and occupancy will be at the top of their lists. Every...

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience: Why Multifamily Operators Should Care

by Donald Davidoff | August 03, 2016

A popular buzzword in the multifamily industry today is customer experience. It’s actually something many industries are talking about. Identifying...

Seven Ways to Impact the Customer's Experience

by Donald Davidoff | February 24, 2015

We know that a customer’s experience impacts their purchasing behavior.  In fact, in a 2014 study, Accenture found "two-thirds (64 percent) of...

NPS Lessons Learned

by Donald Davidoff | November 13, 2014

Companies are hungry for information and eager to learn what their customers’ value; to learn more, many are offering surveys. One popular method is...

3 Tactics to Create Superior Customer Service

by Donald Davidoff | October 01, 2014

It seems like surveys are everywhere these days and after virtually every interaction customers are offered an opportunity to comment on their...

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