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The Most Effective Email (or Voicemail) in a Salesperson’s Bag of Tricks

by Donald Davidoff | January 11, 2017

I was talking with one of my clients about sales management, and the topic of how many unanswered follow ups are appropriate before declaring a lead to be 'lost'. He admitted his company had no...

Why More Training Isn't Enough to Solve Your Multifamily Sales Problems

by Joanne Chapman-Reps | November 17, 2016

Everyone wants positive sales numbers, right? After all, when leasing/sales numbers are strong, it means the overall financial health of the...

8 Drivers of Demand Management in Multifamily Housing

by Donald Davidoff | November 04, 2016

Multifamily housing operations often takes a cue from travel and hospitality management. In that vein, I would like to talk about a business term...

Is Your Sales Process Prospect-Centered?

by Stacy Bouchard | October 28, 2016

This week we have a guest column from Stacy Bouchard, D2 Demand Solutions Marketing Manager.     Recently, I found myself in the market for a new...

What is a Multifamily Sales Ecosystem?

by Donald Davidoff | October 13, 2016

In several blog posts over the last 12 months, I’ve talked about the need for a conversation in the multifamily industry regarding sales. While in my...

InSite Sales Drives Improved Results for Gene B. Glick Company

by Donald Davidoff | August 18, 2016

In several previous blog posts, newsletter articles and Multi-Family Executive magazine articles, I’ve talked about the need for us to have a...

Applying the Challenge(r) Sales Model to Multifamily Selling

by Donald Davidoff | August 11, 2016

Regular readers of this blog already know our thoughts on the need for multifamily operators to fundamentally change their approach to sales. They...

Is Your Lead Management Approach Costing You Money?

by Donald Davidoff | July 11, 2016

Multifamily operators live in a world where demand is determined by factors completely out of their control. Sure, through levers like marketing and...

Exercises to Reinforce Successful Sales Habits for Leasing Associates

by Donald Davidoff | April 28, 2016

When we’re implementing our InSite Sales Performance Program, the training portion is (obviously) a crucial piece of the process. When conducting the...

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