What If You Learned That Regardless of the Strength of Your NOI Performance, There Is Still An Area That Is Dragging On It?

The Last Frontier- Driving NOI Growth in MultifamilyProspects do not shop and lease the way they did years ago, yet many operators have not materially changed their platform for converting initial leads into leases. The most important set of activities that impact how many people lease at your community and the pricing power you have for your leases is lead capture and conversion.

In this paper, we walk you through how to maximize conversions by: 

  • Having a process that drives conversion with the right customer, at the right time.

  • Interacting with prospects according to their desires, with the knowledge and information they are searching for.

  • Including a system that maps efforts to results, throughout the entire sales funnel.

We can’t control the number of potential residents and it’s expensive to increase lead generation directly, so what can we do about this?

Build a solid, robust prospect management platform.

In this Insight Paper we walk you through 5 key dimensions to a profitable prospect management platform; enabling you to effectively handle the initial lead, direct your call center, establish your reports and pricing and ensure regular follow-up for your leads. With a prospect management system in place, lead capture is increased, while driving substantial NOI growth.

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