It's time to update your sales approach!

Every revenue driver in the multifamily industry has undergone extensive change in the last 10+ years...except one...SALES.

on-demand-webinar-sales-improvement.pngDespite the lack of change, very few multifamily operators are satisfied with their sales process. They know something isn't quite right but they're not sure where to begin to improve it.

That's why D2 Demand Solutions produced this on demand webinar - How to Implement a Sales Performance Improvement Program in Your Organization.

In the webinar, Donald Davidoff and Joanne Chapman-Reps discuss:

  • The role of sales in multifamily
  • Sales performance - is it a training issue?
  • The sales performance ecosystem
  • How to implement an improved sales approach in your communities

Sales in multifamily has been overlooked for too long. It's time to make a change - watch the webinar to learn how.

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