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Why Everyone Needs a Proptech Strategy

In a few short years, the industry's adoption of new technology has increased exponentially.  More companies are being created and funded, meaning that operators have many more options for solving problems than they used to.  The activities of evaluating and selecting technology have become more onerous as the pace of innovation has increased.

As we learned while researching our 20 for '20 white paper—an annual review based on 20 conversations with multifamily industry leaders—companies are changing the ways they think of technology.  Both vendor and technology evaluations are falling increasingly into the remit of dedicated innovation leaders and committees.  Property technology or "proptech" is a growing part of the technology platform, as the confluence of the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and cloud technologies broaden the range of problems that can be solved for operators.

Every company needs a technology strategy, covering its platform, proptech and analytical capabilities.  The more holistic that strategy, the lower the likelihood of suboptimal technology decisions.  Vendor risk, poor integration, and the inability to reap the intended benefits are all consequences that tend to haunt operators for years when they do not start with a coherent technology strategy.

At D2, we have seen the movie many times before.  Our long leadership experience on both the operator and vendor sides informs our view of technology strategy.  Our ongoing research, like our annual 20 for '20 review, keeps our insight current.  We help clients to formulate technology strategy and evaluate technology, all the way through to the point of running technology selection processes.  Few companies know multifamily technology as we do.

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