Rebecca Folsom PhotoRebecca is a national touring artist, award winning songwriter, published author, a transformation facilitator, and a successful, independent business woman. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and shows her work in galleries. She is an accomplished performance coach and facilitator with more than 25 years of experience. Her keynotes and trainings are an experienced blend of uplifting, thought provoking entertainment and engaging educational interaction.

Rebecca finds great joy in sharing her artistic experience in ways that encourage people to empower themselves. “I want to help people, in whatever form I can, break down barriers, to help people to live more authentically, confidently, and focused in the bullseye of what they really want.

Equally comfortable in renowned venues such as Opryland and Red Rocks Amphitheater as in front of a corporate audience, Rebecca bridges her sense of stage performance to the corporate world. The same awareness of body, motion and voice that make for a world-class performer are used to develop world-class leadership and job performance skills. Her genius is in helping people, teams, and organizations to open new possibilities, liberate towards what they really want, and to successfully shine.

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