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Our team has been driving results and innovation since the first ever multifamily revenue management project.

There's a lot more to Pricing and Revenue Management (PRM) than just pricing calls and maintaining your PRM software. You need the business acumen to understand organizational objectives. You need the flexibility to adapt to unique situations for properties and to navigate changing market and competitive dynamics. You need the soft skills to succeed through people, understanding each organization's unique culture.

For almost two decades, a revolution of PRM processes and technology has helped multifamily operators to deliver unprecedented growth. And while systems have boosted this growth, the most successful companies are the ones who focus not just on the technology but the people managing the systems.  

Take your revenue management capabilities from good to great!

Team working togetherAt first glance, the difference between good revenue management and great revenue management may not look like a big deal, but consider this: a 50 bps revenue impact on a 10,000 unit portfolio represents a $14 million difference in value.

RevX is a new service for owners & operators looking to augment their team with deep PRM expertise and know-how and independence from software providers. RevX helps small to mid-market operators develop the same capabilities and controls that large operators have.

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Why RevX:

  • Gain easy, flexible access to a team of experts with more than a century of revenue management and multifamily experience

  • Entrust analysis and decision-making to Senior PRM advisors who have led this function for premier owners and operators

  • Benefit from the deepest available expertise in multifamily PRM and operations - members of our team have also headed marketing, training, and supply chain functions for leading owners and operators

  • Get objective advice. D2 Demand does not provide software products - our only objective is yours: maximizing Revenue per Unit (RPU) for your portfolio

  • Get the facts you need to hear (even if they aren't the ones you want to hear!)  Most of the team have a multifamily ownership background - thinking like owners is in our DNA!

The RevX Impact:

  • Increase Rent per Unit (RPU) uplift from your existing PRM investments

  • Boost team performance permanently, through consistent, repeatable processes and training

  • Make better decisions based on better information from thorough pricing calls

  • Capture untapped, recurring revenue from low-hanging fruit (eg floor plans, amenities and renewals process)

  • Gain operational control and confidence through enhanced planning and execution

  • Strengthen integration and alignment between pricing and other related functional areas

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