There are more than 75 million women in the US civilian workforce.

They represent 47% of the total working population, but did you know they represent 51% of the professional workforce? If that surprises you, consider that women are much more likely than men to have a 4-year college degree.

Yet despite that:

  • Women are only 36 percent of first- or mid-level officials and managers in S&P 500 companies

  • They are only 25 percent of executive- and senior-level officials and managers, hold only 20 percent of board seats, and are only 6 percent of CEOs

  • They were only 6 percent of partners in venture capital firms in 2013—down from 10 percent in 1999

  • In 2014, women were just 20 percent of executives, senior officers, and management in U.S. high-tech industries

  • As recently as 2016, 43 percent of the 150 highest-earning public companies in Silicon Valley had no female executive officers at all

SolvingtheGenderEquationThese imbalances rob our companies of the ability to operate at full capacity, negatively affecting our bottom line. The facts are well-documented, but solutions seem sparse. In fact, we’ll bet that you are very aware of the challenge yet are equally (or more so) frustrated by not knowing how to solve it.

That’s where our program starts.

Rebecca Folsom coaches people in professional positions to break out of unconscious gender patterning and embody their full potential.

And as contemporary studies are now beginning to show, this isn’t a “women’s” problem, it’s an “everybody’s problem.” Yes, it’s about developing women’s confidence AND it’s about growing men’s awareness of themselves AND it’s about getting everyone to understand each other and communicate more effectively. It’s about human development, not just female or male development.

Rebecca assists professionals in identifying and resolving limitations so that they can claim, operate out of, and engage with others in their full capacity. She coaches people how to shift their presence, voice and physical embodiment in any situation to up their game in effectiveness, impact and success.

This helps everyone take and own their seat at the corporate table, bring their unique and valuable perspective to that table, communicate directly and unarguably, clarify commitments, know what they want and generate effective traction to create what they want, to open more ease and creative flow and to enjoy their success.

And it helps companies perform better by getting most from their entire team, not just approximately half of it!

As noted by the statistics, the challenges for teams today are great. But there are solutions. Contact us today about how Rebecca can be part of your solution.

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