Webinar: The Multifamily Downturn Playbook

Three multifamily pricing leaders share learnings and tactics from previous recessions

In April 2020, we assembled a panel of three multifamily pricing leaders to share their first-hand experience of managing pricing through a downturn. 

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As multifamily leaders work to make sense of the Covid-19 crisis and the uncertain economic outlook, this webinar sets out strategies and tactics for managing through these difficult times. Watch now and learn from the experience of others as you develop your playbook for managing through this challenging period.


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The Speakers

Donald Davidoff
Donald is known as a thought leader in the multi-family housing industry, particularly in places where technology and people meet. Perhaps best known for leading the development and implementation of Lease Rent Options TM  (LRO), the industry’s first automated demand forecasting and price optimization system, he is equally accomplished in the areas of eCommerce, marketing and marketing analytics, sales performance improvement and business intelligence. Donald works with clients to assess their operational and technology platforms and implement complex, highly impactful projects.
Trachelle Spencer
Managing Director RevX
Trachelle Spencer's career in Pricing and Revenue Management began in 2000 as one of the first Pricing Managers within Ingersoll-Rand. Introduced to the multi-family industry and LRO by Simpson Property Group in 2005, Trachelle has used LRO on a wide range of assets which included 93 communities, in 42 markets and 25 states. As the Co-Founder of her own SAAS business and website, RezDox, Trachelle's approach to revenue management is multi-faceted allowing her to infuse aspects of Marketing, Sales, Training and Web Development into her analysis and recommendations.

Jessica Mills

Jessica Mills has been in the field of revenue management for the last 14 years. Originally from the airline industry, she brings a unique perspective on how revenue management principles can best be applied in multifamily housing. As the Director of Revenue Management at Carmel Partners, she oversaw the implementation of the Lease Rent Options™ (LRO) system across a portfolio of 20,000+ units. She is recognized throughout the multifamily industry for her expertise on the development and implementation of pricing strategies for both stabilized and unique assets, including student properties and lease-ups.