Webinar onDemand: Understanding Digital Body Language

Are you ready to win the sales game in a buyer-controlled world?

Digital-Body-LanguageIt's a new game today.  Your next customer will research and evaluate your offering through websites and online networks long before your sales team can get involved.  Research shows that the very last step is often a call to your salespeople.

This new world represents a major challenge to your overall sales and marketing approach.  Yet, within every challenge lies great opportunity - for those willing to adapt and capture it.  While your prospect has seized control, it's easier than ever to know what they're thinking before they do!

Every interaction online leaves a fingerprint, and managed effectively delivers "digital body language."  With the right systems in place, this intelligence allows you to personalize your marketing and win more business - faster.

Watch this Webinar OnDemand, presented by our joint venture partner Doug Davidoff, as he shares the four steps to winning in the digital world (and provides some show and tell as well).

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