D2 Amenity Analyzer

Save time and captures as much as $20,000 or more per year in rental revenue!

D2 Amenity Analyzer

Save Time While Super-Charging Amenity Audits

After running thousands of amenity audits on behalf of our clients, we know all about the opportunity that amenities represent.  We’ve never failed to uncover thousands of dollars of forgone revenue at any community that we’ve audited.  Now there’s an app that gets you the same results in a fraction of the time, giving you a wealth of new analytics to make sure you get the price right and ensure you capture the revenue.

Amenity Analyzer Boosts Revenue Management at Lincoln

For fee managers, getting a grip on amenities is a high priority.  With new buildings cycling into the portfolio, there’s a constant stream of new challenges to solve in order to boost performance.  We sat down with Michelle Artz, Lincoln’s VP of Revenue Management to learn how Amenity Analyzer is helping in a dynamic environment.


Bluerock Real Estate Provides an Ownership Perspective

Ownership groups may not normally be in the weeds of unit amenity setup, but nobody is more interested in asset performance!  In this video, Linda Masterson, VP of Asset Management at Bluerock Real Estate tells us how Amenity Analyzer “turned on the lights” for this public REIT.

Leveraging Analytics to Drive Value at Lincoln

Margette Hepfner, the COO at Lincoln Property Company knows a thing or two about revenue management and analytics.  They’ve been helping Lincoln to drive asset performance for their clients for years.  In this video, Margette shares why she’s excited about Amenity Analyzer and the new frontier that it opens up for Lincoln and the industry.


Capturing Value-Add Amenities at Maxx Properties

In the value-add world, the stakes are higher than usual for amenity management, as the ability to recoup rent from the capital investment dollars are central to driving the economic engine.  Shayda Pourmand, the Director of Revenue Management at Maxx Properties shares how Amenity Analyzer has become a vital tool in the process. 

How to Get Amenity Pricing Right

Amenities have been top of mind for a while, as owners and operators work to capture the value of their amenity investments.  In November 2020 we got a panel of clients together to break down the problems with amenities and how to solve them.


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