Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The Opportunity of Data Analytics

It's easy to say, "Data is the new oil," but what does that really mean—especially to the multifamily housing industry? And why should MFH executives care about business intelligence (BI)?  We have good answers to those questions, based on almost 20 years of building and working with data analytics in the rental housing industry.

Put simply, BI allows us to pull data from multiple systems of record into a single source of truth.  We do this because it gives us improved visibility and actionable insights to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of everything that we do as a business.  From operations to finance and accounting, from customer or prospect experience to acquisitions, dispositions and development, the more effectively you can marshall your data, the greater your control over your business.

Imagine something as core to your business as leasing. To understand how we're doing, we need to look at reports in our property management systems. But to know why we're doing so well or poorly, we need to pull in data from our pricing system and our CRM. Rather than taking the time to collect and collate data from those three systems, it's BI's job to bring it together so that we can present it to the organization in one simple dashboard. 

Not only does this save us time, but it also makes it much more clear which elements are driving performance and thus need our attention. Finally, having all of that information in one place makes it easy to create predictions on where we are likely to be in the future, thus enabling us to intervene before problems occur rather than analyzing them when it is too late.

Executives who have never had good BI often agonize over how much to invest in BI, worrying that they can't foresee enough of a tangible return to justify the investment.  However, every executive who has experienced good BI has no hesitation in investing heavily in data analytics when they move jobs to companies with no or poor BI!

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