Multifamily Leasing and Marketing

The Shifting Priorities of Multifamily Marketing

Multifamily marketing and leasing are in seemingly constant flux, with technological and macro-economic disruption conspiring to change how people search for and lease apartments.  As revenue management specialists, we understand the inter-connectivity of leasing, marketing and pricing, and the opportunities that remain to improve them.

The multifamily industry saw an unprecedented bull run in the decade plus leading up to early 2020.  Over those years, it was relatively easy for operators to fill their units as demand for apartments exceeded supply in most cases.  Knowing that leaner times would eventually come, in 2014, D2 began systematically measuring multifamily marketing and leasing tactics.

Our analysis results, the most recent of which we completed and published in 2019, have been instructive.  The studies highlighted the extent to which operators were failing to implement some of the most effective and least expensive tactics for increasing lead conversion. 

As markets soften, marketers must become more creative, capitalizing on every opportunity to increase both lead volumes and drive conversions.  Now is an excellent time to refocus on proven plays that boost performance without breaking the bank.  It is also a great time to think about conversions, as we will explain below.

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