About D2 Demand


Adam Burdick

Director Pricing Services

Adam started his multifamily career as a financial analyst, leading the due diligence process of purchasing over 750 million dollars worth of assets across the Southeastern United States. In 2007, Mission Residential hired Adam to create their new revenue management program as they became one of the early adopters of RealPage's Yieldstar. A 2012 merger added a portfolio of LRO properties bringing the total to 54 communities in 15 markets across eight states. He then left to become the Director of Revenue Management for Old Dominion Management Services, leading the change from Realpage to Entrata, and once more becoming an early adopter of a new revenue management system.

Throughout his career, Adam has always blended the role of revenue manager and financial analyst, creating budgets, investor packages and market research to support property acquisitions and dispositions. In approaching revenue management, he looks beyond rental rates, also focusing on expenses to understand the full picture of performance.