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Why You're Looking at Unit Amenity Pricing the Wrong Way

by Dom Beveridge | September 29, 2020

It happens occasionally that we spend a lot of time trying to solve a problem, only to find that we have been looking at it the wrong way. Victorian London provides one of the starkest examples....

5 Ways Unit Amenities Boost Revenue, Even in This Recession

by Donald Davidoff | September 23, 2020

More than six months into the health and economic crisis, most operators and revenue managers have been focusing on finding ways to defend rents....

Budgeting for Uncertainty and an Eviction Moratorium

by Donald Davidoff | September 09, 2020

It's that time of the year when we are all deep in the process of budgeting. Most years, budgeting is hard enough, and this year the backdrop of the...

How to Approach Renewal Trade-Outs This Fall

by Donald Davidoff | September 01, 2020

As we begin to enter a lower season while still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and concomitant recession, we thought it would be a...

Three Principles for Forecasting Fall 2020

by Donald Davidoff | August 24, 2020

Much has been written about our industry's remarkably good performance since March, including several pieces of our own. The NMHC rent payment data...

They're Heckling Revenue Management Again

by Donald Davidoff | August 18, 2020

In the current period of rapid change, there is no shortage of views on what it all means, and what the post-COVID world will look like. Readers of...

How to Measure the Impact of Technology on Rent Growth

by Donald Davidoff | August 11, 2020

In recent weeks we've been examining some changes to technology adoption through the COVID-dominated months of 2020. Curb-to-couch access control and...

5 Ways Smart Multifamily Communities Generate Higher Returns

by Dom Beveridge | August 04, 2020

Over the last year or so, as proptech has exploded, showering the multifamily industry with new and exciting technology, it has become harder to...

18 Months That Shook Multifamily Leasing (And What’s Next)

by Dom Beveridge | July 28, 2020

Several months ago I started to write a post about the extraordinary changes to leasing processes that we had seen over the previous 12 months. The...

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